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AWS is one of the fastest growing public cloud platforms out there. With hundreds of available service, only sky is the limit! But, where do you start from? How can you combine those services to create a reliable, highly available, scalable and performant web and mobile applications? Once you create your application, how do you monitor it? How do you operate it? What about changes, how to create code pipelines to deliver new features?

AWS services are great LEGO-like pieces that are well explained and documented individually. But when you start combining them together you quickly start realising there is not much material out there where you can start from. Then you start looking at different blogs, looking for answers at StackOverflow, looking for help on forums, etc...

Look no more!

AWS Playground shows you how to design, implement, run and maintain web and mobile applications on AWS by using configurable architecture with CI/CD pipeline ready for you to start developing immediately.

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This website is hosted on Amazon S3, delivered with Amazon CloudFront CDN and protected with AWS WAF, AWS Shield and AWS Certificate Manager. Login now to see how it is done.


Use Amazon Cognito and Lambda@Edge to authenticate users

Global Reach

Use Amazon CloudFront to globally distribute your applications


Use API Gateway and Lambda functions to develop your microservices


Use Serverless Application Model to develop, test and deploy your Lambda functions


Deliver your code with automated CI/CD pipeline


Create your endpoints with Amazon API Gateway and AWS AppSync


Host your website on a scalable, durable, performant and secure Amazon S3


Protect your applications and your data in transit and at rest

Open Source

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...and do all that automatically with:
Select the features you need and deploy them in your own account via auto-generated CloudFormation

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